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Area Sales Managers

Area Sales Managers Title Email Contact Number Region
Alex Blest Senior Regional Sales Manager 07825 785025 South West of England
Alison Williams Business Development Manager 07523 519206 South West,  South Wales and Midlands
Craig Voisey Regional Sales Manager 07540 704937 West Midlands and Wales
Colin Reynolds Regional Sales Manager 07775 874948 North West
Paul Daunt Product Specialist 07793 004410 Orion Teamwear for the South West, Wales and West Midlands
Anne Goddard Senior Regional Sales Manager 07771 967188 South East of England
Jill Barratt Regional Sales Manager 07824 453077 East Midlands
Jane Murrary Regional Sales Manager 07825 785025 Scotland
Sally Proud Regional Sales Manager 07525 807945 North London and Greater North London
Richard Holmes Regional Sales Manager 07917 156876 North East
Will Adkin Product Specialist 07523 519207 Orion Teamwear for the South East, East Midlands
Clifford Jordan Regional Sales Manager 07831 286438 Northern Ireland
Tina Lindley Orion Brand Manager 07790 512511 Orion Teamwear for the North
Piers Mountgarret Export Manager 07450 777007 Export
Lisa Thompson Key Account Manager 07540 704938 London and Greater London